Saturday, April 8, 2017

Scribble Scripture || Track your progress

Hello War Binder friends!
This past week, we launched a new challenge and journey, many showed interest in joining.  We launched Scribble Scripture, to write out the Bible by hand.

We are so excited to launch this challenge with you all, and so happy you're here! Your presence is such a blessing! 

When do we start? Being self guided that is your choice. Many have already started, or are in the process of starting. 

We also wanted to provide you with some insight on what this actually is, and how to fulfill your desire to follow along.

Scribble Scripture, is simply writing or typing out word-for-word the Bible by hand. The purpose of writing the Bible is not just to read the Bible itself or have an extra copy available. Doing so enables us to slow down our process of study and reading to have a more in depth time spent in the Word. I know many of us often times read something 1,2 or even 10 times because we forget what we've read, or have difficulty understanding what we've read. So while it will help us to slow down and focus, it will also help us to really dive deep.

We hope this is a positive journey for you, without time restrictions or a plan to adhere to. Do it on your own time, when you have time, and do not allow guilt to overcome you. It may take 6 months or 5 years, just keep going!

We are so excited to share with you our first freebie for you to download, and will be of great use to track your progress! 



Join us in the Scribble Scripture Facebook Group:
If you are posting your journey outside of this group, on social media, feel free to use #scribblescripture, which will also connect you to others! 
We hope you enjoy these trackers, and can not wait to see all the amazing things that will come from this journey together!

Your Admin Team

Friday, March 17, 2017

War Binder || How to get started

Whether you are seasoned in your faith, or just beginning your walk, I am so glad you are here.  Introducing ones self to the concept of a War Binder can be exhilarating and overwhelming, so I wanted to put some resources together for you to help you get started and point you in the direction of some great examples!

First, have you joined our Facebook group? If not, here is the link!

The most important thing to remember when setting up your War Binder is this:  Though we all are attracted to the way it looks, or begin comparing what we have with what others have, take a deep breath and remember, this binder is about you.  About your journey in your faith, and a tool for you to use to enrich that.  While it may look pretty for some, it could also be empty inside, so set out to focus on what you are going to put on the inside.

Once you have a system in place, and trust me when I say, you will change it over and over and over again until it is not only a great system for you, but something that is also realistic.  I have a few videos on getting your binder setup.

To get started with the idea, here are a couple of videos to help you!

The amazing news is you do not need a ton of money to have a War Binder.  Here is a great video I posted on a budget War Binder

If you have a binder planner, or a traveler's notebook, check out Hurry Up and Plan on Etsy for inserts!

Lastly, if you are like me, I LOVE looking for inspiration.  Anything that will grab my attention, and really get me focused to get in my binder each and every day, no matter the time.  We have built a Pinterest board just for this, where you can find free printables, study guides, and just inspiration to get our minds going.

Our Pinterest Board is:

The greatest advice I have when you start, is to simply start.  Grab a notebook, or even a piece of paper and write down what is in your heart, or what I love to do is write out my prayers.

We are here to help and hope you will connect with us!  Below you will find the links to locate us on social media!

Blessings friends!

Instagram: @warbinder

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The beginning...

I am lost. I am broken. I am imperfect. But, I am His. I knew from the beginning of this journey through and to my faith, it would be a battle from the first moment I decided to create a War Binder. Was I always a believer? Yes. That is one thing through anything, that I have kept close to my heart. My faith.

Far from perfect, I remember sitting in my car, in the driveway of our home in Florida, summer 2007, screaming at the top of my lungs, for Him to come, and rescue me, from none other than myself.

In April 2005, I buried my only child, my daughter M. Coming from a very tragic situation, there are many, many ways I could have gone. Distancing myself, getting so angry, or closing the chapter on my faith. If we are honest, that would have been easy, for some. Not for me. Nope not this girl. I knew there was a fight in my heart. I knew he was there for me.  I knew he was there the evening of her viewing at the funeral home. I felt him. I felt his hand, and that is not something I have ever felt nor was I comfortable sharing.. Because Satan made me feel that I was loosing my mind.. I just lost my first born, my only child, and not due to any natural cause

That evening after her viewing, I went into a room at my parents hotel, closed the door, and laid face down on the bed. No one was in the room with me, because I wanted alone time, I needed to try, however that may be, to process what I was living through. Hell. Complete destruction. Once I laid down on the bed, I was there for quite sometime, listening to the sounds of family outside the door, wondering, what they could do if anything. Community members flooding the property, to offer their condolences and support. As all of this unfolded though, much more was unfolding behind those doors, were I was alone, in silence, with God.. All my tears felt as though they had dried up, my heart as though it was beating outside of my body, until it happened. I felt the hand of God on my back.. (there, see, I said it, out loud to you..) I held this knowledge captive inside, because I never wanted to forget what it felt like, and frankly I did not want people to think I was crazy..

Years later, I remember that day often, those moments when I knew he was there.. However it did not always amount to what it should have.. Going back to 2007, as I sat in my car in the driveway.. screaming, pleading.. I thought God didn't want me. I couldn't do the one thing God asked of me. To protect my child, to scoop her up before the violence was committed, to save her life.. Something broke in my communication with Him.. I thought indefinitely I was in this area, of Him not wanting me.. What a horrible LIE, Satan!  One that I KNOW is in fact a solid horrible lie now, and do not accept. one. bit.

Many, many trials and triumphs took place following, but once I knew that lie was present and existed, I REFUSED to believe it.  I started my Instagram account in 2014 after a 2 year battle with infertility. I figured Satan was taking that blessing from me too.. Then we began our journey through our adoption, and the mountains began to get taller and taller, so much red tape, so many detours, and even to the point of creating a family profile without the ability to mention my sweet daughter M.. One thing is a fact from all of this, I was fighting this battle.  With the thought I could do this on my own, just keep pushing, keep going, push through to the end, right? Wrong. So wrong.

I was introduced to the move War Room by a dear sweet friend.. I have always been faithful, but imperfect. I was a believer, but not the praying outloud, hands up in the air at church, singing kind. Would love to be that person, but I am scared. I am lost, broken and alone, but more than anything in this world, I wanted to change that, because I was not alone! That too is a lie!

 The birth of War Binder.

I spent 24 solid hours, with very little sleep in 2 days, not eating or anything, just googling, and pinteresting.  I wanted this thing, this war room, but so in depth in physical form. This battle plan, this stance AGAINST Satan.. and no one was going to build it for me. Nope. I needed to put it together.  Get all of these wonderful things such as my journal, my prayer journal, my scripture journal, battle plan, sermon, oh gosh I need a church family, no wait I also need a section for how I can bless others, WAIT oh gosh wait I want to praise him, and not just at church, we have running water people! Get the post its, I need to write all of this down, I have got to put my heart in this binder. Hold up. What in the world am I going to put this in? I am a little on the um, broke side, wait, resources. What do I have in this house collecting dust I can use?! Oh look! Paper! A planner! Pens, oh gosh Lord thank you for all these pens, but do I really have that many? My mom has scrapbook paper, I need to make pretty things for it, I want it to be God's fridge to house all my creations, even if it appears a two year old that is non existent created them, I want to put them in there! Be right back, going to search Etsy to buy all the things, no wait, back track Rachel.. This isn't about the things, just grab some paper, any paper, and put that pen to work! Guys, this was my through process. That is all 100% authentic truth.

My soul lit on fire, knowing that I could have a spot for Jesus and I, and I didn't need anything more than what I have, where I am at, at this very moment. Did I want it to be pretty? Yes, but just as you read in Fervent, at the end of it all, I did not want to be able to pick it up with anything less than tongs. Tears, drink splatters, sweat, dirt from being taken everywhere, and shown to everyone, not to sway them, but to show them this fire that ignited in me.. but I had to share it.. I had to share it. Not something I did right away, and relatively so, I was extremely hesitant, because the last thing I wanted was for someone to "sell me Jesus" and I did not want to do that to someone else.

Faith is such a special journey, between YOU and HIM, no one else.. We have this testimony given to us, about our journey, and I feel we should step it up, share THEM, and do so with great pride... because HE made us! HE gave us this life, this chance to be something really great, and meet some amazing people along the way... As long as we have the courage..

Sweet friends, grab his hand, whatever that means for you, take hold, slide under his wing.. and run with it, and do not share it until YOU are ready... when ever that is.. and never compare your battle to anyone else's because they are all complex and so different.. But never, ever be afraid to share your testimony!  That is the beauty that makes up this beautiful life. You, yes, really, YOU, all of your mistakes, flaws, imperfections! All of it!  He wants you just as you are, with the time you have available, spanning all week, down to the drive home from work.. Go to Him..

He's there, with no expectation, other than just waiting for you.. I am so thankful to finally share my testimony with you, it only took me two years.. but I have finally set myself free! Having you by my side, and God leading the way! THIS the greatest blessing of my entire life.

Welcome to War Binder, Friends!
All my love,
Rachel P.
a Jesus Loving, Hot Mess.