Saturday, April 8, 2017

Scribble Scripture || Track your progress

Hello War Binder friends!
This past week, we launched a new challenge and journey, many showed interest in joining.  We launched Scribble Scripture, to write out the Bible by hand.

We are so excited to launch this challenge with you all, and so happy you're here! Your presence is such a blessing! 

When do we start? Being self guided that is your choice. Many have already started, or are in the process of starting. 

We also wanted to provide you with some insight on what this actually is, and how to fulfill your desire to follow along.

Scribble Scripture, is simply writing or typing out word-for-word the Bible by hand. The purpose of writing the Bible is not just to read the Bible itself or have an extra copy available. Doing so enables us to slow down our process of study and reading to have a more in depth time spent in the Word. I know many of us often times read something 1,2 or even 10 times because we forget what we've read, or have difficulty understanding what we've read. So while it will help us to slow down and focus, it will also help us to really dive deep.

We hope this is a positive journey for you, without time restrictions or a plan to adhere to. Do it on your own time, when you have time, and do not allow guilt to overcome you. It may take 6 months or 5 years, just keep going!

We are so excited to share with you our first freebie for you to download, and will be of great use to track your progress! 



Join us in the Scribble Scripture Facebook Group:
If you are posting your journey outside of this group, on social media, feel free to use #scribblescripture, which will also connect you to others! 
We hope you enjoy these trackers, and can not wait to see all the amazing things that will come from this journey together!

Your Admin Team


  1. Don't forget the Book of Mormon! It will bring you closer to Jesus Christ and the Bible.

  2. It's great but there is a problem with the download of the New Testament.